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Slimming one-piece swimsuits for women: The right choice for those seeking style and comfort

In the realm of slimming swimwear, Hadas Avidani leads the way. Our swimwear suits everyone - all ages and all sizes.

Our collection fits all body types and includes swimwear for pregnant women and postpartum women, plus-size swimwear for women, swimwear for slim women, for large sizes, and long-sleeve swimwear.

The high quality of our swimwear is guaranteed by using durable and unique fabrics; Italian Lycra known for its excellent quality. Its durability makes our swimwear long-lasting.

Our range is diverse, including swimwear for water sports, swimming, surfing, training, and also classic swimwear for stylish vacations.

A black swimsuit - sleek and classic, as well as a leopard print swimsuit because we believe in classics - where quality and style merge, there is no substitute.

To ensure you can choose a swimsuit that not only looks great but also flatters your figure with maximum comfort, we’ve thought of every detail, so all our models are designed to flatter, slim, and provide utmost comfort.

A slimming one-piece swimsuit: Style and comfort every day

No doubt, a slimming one-piece swimsuit is the perfect item to start your sunny days in style. Here are some ideas that can add volume to your wardrobe and design your summer.

A full slimming swimsuit: The most slimming clothes. With a special cut and design in which you will feel your best.

Black slimming swimsuit: A timeless classic - a black slimming swimsuit that will upgrade your overall look with elegance and simplicity with maximum comfort. Full slimming swimsuits provide a sense of confidence and a perfect look.

Slimming one-piece swimsuit for large sizes: No need to give up on style and comfort just because of size. With us, you'll find a wide variety of cuts to meet the needs of all of us from tiny to large sizes.


About Lycra

Lycra is a unique synthetic material particularly used in swimwear and bodywear for women. Using quality fabric can provide several benefits that can enhance the wearing experience and offer a certain advantage to the garment.

Comfort and Flexibility

Lycra is excellent for swimwear and bodywear because it is flexible and can fit the body shape accurately. Its ability to stretch and expand with body movements provides a pleasant and comfortable wearing experience and is perfect for mobility, training, and active summer days.

Air Circulation

Lycra allows good air passage, which gives a feeling of cooling and sweat prevention. This is especially important in swimwear and bodywear worn in hot and humid environments.

Support, Shaping, and Slimming

Lycra provides excellent support and can help create slimming lines, flattering the body. Quality Lycra tends to be durable and maintain colors better over time than other materials. Choosing quality Lycra in swimwear and bodywear can significantly improve the wearing experience and always ensure a clean, pleasant, and comfortable appearance.

All our models are made of 100% microfiber Lycra, which is not only pleasant to the touch, but also provides the most up-to-date technological benefits, ensuring stability and efficient handling of various usage conditions.

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